Vikas Lalwani

  1. Other Side

    Find out what's on the other side of the planet.

    Demo Code

  2. Image Search

    Basic image search from Flickr public feed.

    Demo Code

  3. Event Countdown

    Set countdown for your favorite event.

    Demo Code

  4. Image Editor

    Add effects to images using CSS filters.

    Demo Code

  5. Typing Test

    Test your typing speed in just a minute.

    Demo Code

  6. Window Resize Master

    How fast can you resize your browser window?

    Demo Code

  7. New Streamkeys Site

    New website for my favorite chrome extension.

    Site Code

  8. Simple To-Do List

    Basic to-do list with a beautiful backgroud.

    Demo Code

  9. Simple Drawing App

    Simple app for freehand drawing.

    Demo Code

  10. Home Page v1

    v1 of personal website's home page.

    Demo Code

  11. Time Counter

    Chrome extension to estimate reading time.


  12. Advanced To-Do List

    Little advanced to-do list.

    Demo Code

  13. Color Maker

    Make your own color and know its code.

    Demo Code

  14. On Screen Calculator

    My implementation of a calculator in JavaScript.

    Demo Code

  15. My Lightbox

    My implementation of lightbox.

    Demo Code

  16. Bouncy Balls

    A copy of Google's bouncy balls logo.

    Demo Code

Some of the projects are work in progress.