To-Do List

05 November 2015

I made a to-do list app today. In the starting I was thinking that it is going to be a relatively simple project. But once again I was proven wrong. Things that look simple from the outside maybe aren’t that simple. Or may be since I am at a very beginner level, everything looks tough. I don’t know.

If you want to check out today’s app, go here.


  • This was a mammoth DOM manipulation task. Logic wise it was relatively simple but implementation was time consuming.
  • CSS was also a challenge as lots of classes and different types of elements were being added and removed.
  • Adding special buttons was not straightforward as I imagined.
  • Writing clean code - my current code is just too messy and repetitive. I am sure even I won’t be able to understand it after a month. But that’s not my priority right now. Speed and learning are.

Key Points:

  • Nothing major here as to-do lists are very common everywhere. This was just my implementation of the same concept
  • One major point for me personally is that this project is responsive as well :)