Collection of my projects.

Web Crawler

Crawls all pages of a subdomain (excludes other subdomains). Generates JSON output listing the URLs of every static asset(images, javascript, stylesheets), grouped by page.

Node, JavaScript/ES6


Plays songs from local folder. Features include playing, pausing, previous, next, looping and muting.

React, JavaScript/ES6, HTML5 & CSS3


Scrapes food ordering website for current day's menu. It then presents those items in a list format inside the terminal. User can easily order from that list by typing a number.


Angular Form

Simple form validation example built using AngularJS. Gives useful hints if email or ZIP code are filled incorrectly. User can see all the entries in database tab.

AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap (responsive)

Word Counter

Analyzes a piece of text and displays crucial stats such as no. of characters, words, sentences etc. in real time. Also shows readability score and top keywords used.

JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 (responsive)


A dictionary app built using Node and Pearson's API that tells word meaning, usage examples and pronunciation (US and UK) of English words. Also has autosuggest feature.

Node, JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 (responsive)


A simple JavaScript calculator that does all the basic calculations. Relies on regex (regular expressions) behind the scenes for analyses of input string. UI inspired by Google's calculator.

JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 (made it to first page of CodePen)

Maths Quiz

Maths quiz app that generates random maths questions which a user needs to solve in under 4 seconds or the game will be over.

JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 (responsive)

Basic Twitter Search

My first Node project! It uses the Twitter API to search for recent tweets based on the word or phrase that you enter.

Node, JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3

JavaScript Hangman

The famous Hangman game where you have to guess a word within certain attempts or you lose the game. Contains only words related to JavaScript.

JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 (responsive, picked by JavaScript Weekly)

Snake Game

One of my favorite games of all time - Snake! I wanted to create it from my first day with JavaScript and thankfully it came out really good!

JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3

Pong Game

Pong was one of the first games that I played when my parents got me video game box. Same as snake game, I really had lots of fun creating it. Hope you have the same fun while playing!

JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3

Tic Tac Toe

This is my recreation of the tic-tac-toe game that everyone has played in their school time. Computer moves are random and there is no AI in it. So pretty easy to win.

JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 (responsive)

Pomodoro Timer

This is the classic productivity tool - pomodoro timer. You can set a time and focus just on your work for that duration. App will sound an alarm after the set time and then you can take a break.

JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 (responsive)

Drawing App

I was always interested in learning HTML5 canvas and what better way to learn than to create a simple drawing app? Offers few options for customization, but has some visible bugs.

JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3

Weather App

This app can tell you current weather of ANY place on the face of earth. Makes use of Google Map's API for geolookup and's API to fetch weather conditions.

JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3

IMDb Autocomplete

I love watching movies and IMDb is one of my favorite websites to learn about a movie. I like their autocomplete feature because many times I don't know the exact movie name. So I have tried to recreate that feature in this app.

JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3

Movie Search

IMDb has the most accurate and complete data about a movie, but they unfortunately they don't have a free API. So I made use TMDb's(The Movie Database) API to make this robust movie search app.

JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3

Image Editor

Day by day CSS is becoming powerful. Now you can do things in CSS, which earlier required JavaScript. And one of that is basic image manipulation. This app what you can do using CSS3 filters.

JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3

Typing Test

As the name suggests, this app will test your typing speed. You will be given a random paragraph to type. At the end of one minute it will display your typing speed. Not intelligent, so pretty easy to beat.

JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3