Let's Chat

06 November 2015

Today’s project - a live chat application! Multiple people can sign in using their name and start chatting. It’s wicked fast.

You can try it here.

Looks very appealing, but it was relatively simple to build. Majority of my time was spent reading the Firebase documentation. I was thinking of making something else, but ended up making this form their tutorial. What I was trying to do was little more complex and I could not have shipped it tonight. So instead I choose this and it turned out well.


  • Since it was my first project with Firebase I had to get accustomed to their platform and docs. Other than that it was relatively straightforward.
  • Some UI concerns were there which I solved, but couple of issues are still present.

Key Points:

This is not something that I can be proud of as most of the heavy lifting is done by Firebase. But this gave me a firm foundation nonetheless if I ever want to build something with Firebase again. And I most probably will build something very soon!