Drawing App

08 November 2015

Drawing App is the name of project that I made today. It’s a simple freehand drawing application based on HTML5 Canvas.

You can play it with here.

It is based on HTML5 Canvas and allows you to draw lines of varying thickness and colors. You can even save the image or clear the canvas to start fresh.

I didn’t know much about Canvas before today so before starting I searched for good resources and found a detailed tutorial online. That tutorial had step by step process to create a drawing application. I just followed it and added some of my flavors to create today’s project. If you are interested, check out full series on YouTube.

Key Points:

  • It was a great learning opportunity to learn about what Canvas can do.
  • One thing that I don’t like in the current version is the way in which the actual shapes/lines are drawn. No doubt it works, but I want to improve it to make use of a more cleaner method.