Pomodoro Timer

14 November 2015

Today I cleared a long pending reading list of articles that were open in my browser for past many days and made a sweet app - Pomodoro Timer. I have heard it is a very useful technique for time management. Now can use my app to test it out.

You can play with the app here.

Before sitting to code the app, I wanted it to have a list of functionalities in order for it to be useful. I managed to build all but one. That feature that I missed is the ability to close tab and still keep the counter running. That could be achieved through HTML5 localStorage and I think I could do it. But just not today.

Key Points

  • Important lesson: always keep in mind that you might need to remove event listeners that you are adding. If not handled properly, it can lead to ugly bugs.
  • It was imagine to all the ways the app could go wrong and then implementing cathes for them.